Handrail Stair handrail

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Handrail Stair handrail
Production time after receipt of payment usually within 2 to 4 weeks plus shipping. Please find information on shipping here.

Spon-Holz solid wood furnitures of oak hand made in Berlin
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Further product information

Handrail Stair handrail
We offer customised handrails made from our high-quality oak wood from sustainable forestry to match your staircase.
Our stair handrails are handmade according to your wishes and dimensions.
You can order the handrails oiled or lacquered.


Our handrails and beams are carefully sanded and the edges rounded as required.
You can choose the wood thickness of the solid wood slats between 3 and 8 cm.
Please note that we manufacture the handrail from two slats (glued together) from a wood thickness of 4.5 cm.
We offer lengths up to 350 cm and widths up to 10 cm. If you require longer or wider wooden slats, please contact us so that we can provide you with a customised quotation.


Please allow for a tolerance of 0 – 3 mm.

If your desired size is between two sizes

Please select the nearest size. (e.g. choose a length of 200 cm if your handrails should only be 199.5 cm long) After purchase, simply send us a message with your desired size, stating the order number.

Please note that we have a manufacturing tolerance of 1-2 mm.

Evenness and tolerance

Wood is a living material and works. Light and temperature have an effect before, during and after production. We endeavour to keep the surfaces even and work with millimetre precision. We have very good tools and high-quality machines, as well as skilled and talented craftsmen. Nevertheless, we allow a tolerance of up to 3 mm, sometimes even a little more. Particularly long lengths of wooden mouldings, benches, tables and washbasins are not and cannot be kept and produced 100% flat. Slight unevenness is in the nature of things and has its own charm. You may achieve 100% evenness with plywood or solid wood elements that are glued together from many smaller pieces (glued wood panels with lamella widths of 3-5 cm). However, as we work with long, 20 to 40 cm wide, very natural planks, this is not the case. We also allow a few millimetres tolerance in terms of evenness.

Important shipping and packaging information

We endeavour to coordinate the delivery of the solid wood rail or handrail you have ordered in the best possible way. To prevent any damage during shipping, we manufacture customised, precisely fitting transport packaging for your handrail.

We ship free of charge up to 350 cm in length within Germany and Austria. For Europe-wide shipping, the shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed after entering the delivery location.

Further information on shipping can be found here.

Place of use

Our solid wood handrails are intended for indoor use.

Maintenance of our products

You can purchase a suitable care set for the optimum care of solid wood handrails, end strips or wall mouldings. You can easily carry out the recommended four to six-monthly re-oiling and minor repairs yourself. The care set consists of a bottle of hard wax oil, hand sandpaper, a soft wax stick including spatula and a cotton cloth for applying/wiping off the oil. Further information on care can be found here.

Origin of our woods

We source our oak wood exclusively from controlled forestry in Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and Bavaria.
We are also committed to reforestation and have already planted 130 oak trees this year, with more to come.
Timber from Eastern European or non-European overexploitation has no chance with us! Please read more about this on our page about our values.

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