Find the right table size

Your table should be proportioned according to your needs.
The number of people, the size of the room, the table decoration and the chair width have a decisive influence on the dimensions!
To avoid errors in the size selection, you should consider the following aspects.

1. Space required by one person at the table

For a seat you need a width of approx. 50 cm for a narrow seat, 60 cm for a comfortable seat and 70 cm for a very comfortable, spacious seat.
Furthermore, it has to be decided whether there is space for one person on one of each ends.
Example: If you are looking for a table for 10 people with comfortable seats (60 cm wide) so you need a 240 cm (4 people per side + 2 at the front) table if one person should sit at one of each ends.
If you do not want people to sit at one of each ends, you need a 300 cm table. (pro Seite 5 Personen)

2. How wide are my chairs usually?

The usual chair widths are around 50 cm for chairs without armrests and 60 cm for chairs with armrests.

3. Choose the right table width!

The standard table width is between 80 and 100 cm. If you want to decorate your table with larger flower vases or if you would like to place pots and pans in the middle of the table for meals, you should choose a table width of 100 cm.

4. Find the right table height!

Our tables have a standard height of 75-76 cm. However, the height of the chair is decisive for the right table height. The distance between the height of the seat and the upper edge of the table should be approximately 30 cm + – 2 cm. The standard seat height of chairs is approx. 45 cm.

5. How much space does my room have?

The table should ideally have a distance of 80-100 cm from all table sides to the wall or cabinet, etc. It should be noted that a table always looks better the more generous the distance to the walls are. If all seats are only used for festivities, you should consider extending the table with one or two extension panels.