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Live and work mit sustainably

As a wood processing company, we have a special responsibility towards nature. Wood is not just the material we work with and with which we maintain an intimate connection as joiners and furniture designers. Wood is first and foremost the tree, nature and the forest with all its living beings. Because of the respect and love for nature, we in particular have the task of procuring our material responsibly and in a way that is environmentally friendly.
In our search for sustainably forested wood, we unfortunately found that certificates for appropriately designed forest management in most cases do not keep what they promise. Especially in the Eastern European countries, both state forest authorities and private companies were unfortunately unable to convince us that things are right or even environmentally friendly. In many places we were confronted with overexploitation and corruption. So we continued our search to find what we were looking for in the local forestry sector. Finally we had to state, here in Germany we have much better control options, transparency is higher, transport routes are shorter, CO² emissions and the ecological footprint are low. In recent years, through intensive research, personal discussions and many on-site visits, we have been able to team up with the best, most sustainable and ecological forest companies, to whom these values ​​and the preservation of the forest are just as important as we are. We maintain intensive and personal contact with our reference locations. We deliberately distance ourselves from the use of tropical or imported woods and have focused on environmentally friendly, transparent and traceable production. We therefore obtain our oak wood exclusively from controlled forestry in the states of Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Bavaria. The focus on one type of wood enables us to carefully select and procure wooden planks, highly specialized and efficient processing methods, as well as transparent production for our customers. We carry out all work steps from the tree trunk ourselves in our workshop in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Go the extra mile. A success story.

Sensible recycling instead of senseless incineration

In 2021 we succeeded again in rescuing beautiful oak trees from the chopping machine and the subsequent route to the power plant. On a country road in Brandenburg, 300-year-old oaks that lined a section had to be felled due to traffic. In such cases, the trees are usually processed into wood chips and then used as fuel in power plants. For administrative reasons, this is usually the simplest solution for the country, so we had to do a lot of persuasion and raise quite a few financial resources to enable these beautiful trees to be used in a more dignified manner.
Now we are processing this characteristic wood into high-quality solid wood furniture and applications that many generations can enjoy with good care. Perhaps one day you will sit at one of our timeless dining tables made from these 300-year-old oaks, enjoy many beautiful evenings and one day leave it in good hands.

Plant oaks with us.

values & sustainability

With your purchase from Sponholz you are doing something good for the environment. Since its foundation, Sponholz has been committed to the responsible and resource-saving procurement of wood and the protection of mixed forests. The existence of oak forests in Germany is particularly important to us. The oak is a tree of particular importance for our local region. There are many fables and legends entwined around this impressive, sublime and probably also mystical tree. Oak trees can get very old, well over 1000 years old. Accordingly, you have certainly experienced a lot over the years, which is reflected in the individual and unique grain. In our latitudes, oaks are an integral part of the natural cycle and an important support for the flora and fauna around them.

In cooperation with the Foundation Unternehmen Wald, we at Sponholz plant oak trees in selected regions of Germany. In 2021 we donated 130 oaks to a forest in Sirksfelde that was infested by the bark beetle. In the coming months and years we will donate more sums for the reforestation of our native oak forests.

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