Window Sills

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Solid wood window sill with individual tree edge and characteristic grain. Our window sills give your living area a very individual natural charm.
Production time after receipt of payment usually within 2 to 3 weeks plus shipping. If you need it urgently, please ask and we will see what we can do. Please find shipping information HERE.

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Further product informations

Window sill Solid wood. Our solid wood window sills / windowsills can be ordered in approx. 40, 35, 30, 25 and 20 mm thickness and can be manufactured either with straight edges or on the front edge with a plain or rustic tree edge on the front.

Surface treatment

Die Naturkante wird gebürstet und leicht geschliffen damit sie ihren natürlichen Charakter behält. Größere Astlöcher, natürliche Risse und Unebenheiten verschließen wir mit sehr dunklem, ins schwarz gehende Epoxidharz. Kleinere Astlöcher, Risse wie auch ausgetrocknete Wurmlöcher behandeln wir oberflächig mit Wachs. Es besteht qualitativ nicht die Notwendigkeit jede kleinste Unebenheit oder ausgetrocknetes Wurmloch vollständig aufzufüllen. Dies gilt besonders für die Unterseite. Die Oberfläche wird anschließend plangeschliffen und geölt sodass sie ihre Massivholzplatte sofort nach der Lieferung verwenden können.


Wenn Sie keinen Sonderwunsch angeben sind die 2 Seitenkanten und die Wandseite gerade ausgeführt. Bei der Front-bzw. Sichtkante können Sie zwischen gerader Kante, schlichter Naturkante und geschwungener (rustikaler) Naturkante wählen. Durch die Naturkante ist mit einer Abweichung von 5 cm in der Tiefe zu rechnen. Das heißt wenn Sie z.B. eine Platte in 60×40 cm kaufen wird die Tiefe tatsächlich zwischen 40 bis 45 cm an der Unterseite der Baumkante betragen. Wenn Sie allerdings die gerade Kante auswählen wird die Platte genau in der bestellten Tiefe hergestellt.

If your desired size is between two sizes

Please choose the nearest size. After purchase, simply send us a message with your desired size, stating the order number.
Please note that we have a manufacturing tolerance of 1-2 mm.

Evenness and tolerance

Wood is a living material and works. Light and temperature have an effect before, during and after production. We strive to keep the surfaces flat and work to millimetre precision. We have very good tools and high-quality machines, as well as qualified and talented staff. Nevertheless, we allow a tolerance of up to 3 mm, sometimes even a little more. Especially high lengths of benches, tables, as well as washstands, are and cannot be kept and manufactured 100 % even. Slight unevenness is in the nature of things and has its own charm. You may achieve 100 % evenness with plywood or solid wood elements that are glued together from many smaller pieces (glued wood panels with lamella widths of 3-5 cm). However, since we work with long and 20 to 40 cm wide planks that are kept very natural, this is not the case. We also allow a few millimetres of tolerance in terms of flatness.

Important information on shipping and packaging

We make every effort to coordinate the delivery of your ordered stair treads with you in the best possible way. To ensure that no shipping damage can occur, individual, precisely fitting transport packaging is made for your solid wood furniture.

We ship free of charge up to 300 cm in length within Germany. For Europe-wide shipping, the shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed after entering the delivery location.

You will find more information on shipping HERE.

Special shapes

If you need a cut-out or an individual shape according to a sketch, please order the option Cut-out/shape according to sketch for your board. After purchase, please send us a hand sketch with the required dimensions.
Please note that we have a manufacturing tolerance of 1-2 mm.


For optimal care of your solid wood window sill, you can purchase a suitable care set. The recommended semi-annual re-oiling and minor repairs can easily be carried out yourself. The care set consists of a bottle of hard wax oil, hand sandpaper, a soft wax bar including a spatula and a cotton cloth for applying/wiping off the oil. Further information on care can be found here.

Origin of our woods

We source our oak wood exclusively from controlled forestry in Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and Bavaria.
We are also committed to reforestation and have already planted 130 oak trees this year and there are more to come.
Woods from Eastern European or non-European overexploitation have no chance with us! Please read more about this on our page about our Values.