Outdoor Garden Table Tree Edge Solid Wood w/ Runners

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A clear, simple and timeless design, which is based on angular as well as natural shapes. The focus of this outdoor garden table tree edge is entirely on the solid wood top. The table runners with a cross-section of 60×20 mm, or 80×30 mm for stainless steel, ensure a high degree of stability.
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Extension panels with continuous grain and edge of the tree for tables from 150 cm.
Sponholz solid wood oak from ecologically controlled forestry | washbasins solid wood panels, tables, dining tables, beds, wooden bench, stools
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Further product information

The outdoor garden table tree edge convinces with a clear, simple and timeless design, which is based on angular as well as natural shapes. The focus of this table is entirely on the solid wood top. The table runners with a cross-section of 60×20 mm ensure a high degree of stability – even in turbulent times.

Outdoor garden table tree edge with natural edge or optionally straight edge has a stiffening construction on the underside of the table to ensure lasting dimensional stability. The table is made of 2-6 solid oak planks which are screwed to the substructure with a thin gap (without gluing). Special attention is paid to a homogeneous transition and wood grain of the planks.

Surface treatment

The outdoor garden table tree edge / natural edge is brushed and lightly sanded to retain its natural character. Primarily wood with fewer cracks and only smaller knotholes is selected. The knotholes and cracks are not filled, as filler or resin would separate from the wood in case of strong temperature and humidity fluctuations. A deep oiling is applied. The surface is sanded flat and impregnated several times with a special oil from the marine sector and thus deeply impregnated. You can use the solid wood panel immediately after delivery. After 2-3 months of use the table will develop a grey patina. After sanding and oiling the surface the table will shine in new glance again!

If your desired size is between two sizes

Please choose the closest measurement. (e.g. choose a length of 200 cm if you only want your top to be 198 cm long) After purchasing, simply send us a message with your desired size, stating the order number.

Please note that we have a manufacturing tolerance of 1-2 mm.

Evenness and tolerance

Wood is a living material and works. Light and temperature have an effect before, during and after production. We strive to keep the surfaces flat and work to millimetre precision. We have very good tools and high-quality machines, as well as qualified and talented staff. Nevertheless, we allow a tolerance of up to 3 mm, sometimes even a little more. Especially high lengths of benches, tables, as well as washstands, are and cannot be kept and manufactured 100 % even. Slight unevenness is in the nature of things and has its own charm. You may achieve 100 % evenness with plywood or solid wood elements that are glued together from many smaller pieces (glued wood panels with lamella widths of 3-5 cm). However, since we work with long and 20 to 40 cm wide planks that are kept very natural, this is not the case. We also allow a few millimetres of tolerance in terms of flatness.

Important information on shipping and packaging

We make every effort to coordinate the delivery of your ordered stair treads with you in the best possible way. To ensure that no shipping damage can occur, individual, precisely fitting transport packaging is made for your solid wood furniture.

We ship free of charge up to 300 cm in length within Germany and Austria. For Europe-wide shipping, the shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed after entering the delivery location.

Delivery takes place to the curb either in several handy packages or as general cargo on a pallet. (depending on size/shipping country)

Product care

For optimal care of the “Outdoor Garden Table Tree Edge”, you can purchase a special outdoor oil. We recommend re-oiling every 3-4 months or as needed when weather and sunlight stress the wood. The special outdoor oil can currently only be ordered on request. You can find more information about care here.

Origin of our woods

We obtain our oak wood exclusively from controlled forestry in Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and Bavaria.
We are also committed to reforestation and have already planted 130 oak trees this year, with more to come.
Timber from Eastern European or non-European overexploitation does not stand a chance with us! Please read more about this on our values page.

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